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Having a passion is to create, document and capture the real beauty in your story. I provide an experience that captures you in the act of being yourselves.   

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I have a passion for making my couples feel comfortable throughout their session. I want you to look at your images and feel the passion and heartfelt moments of the day over and over again. 

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About The Owner

I love country music. My favorite is Keith Urban. I have seen him play in Brisbane 4 times now. Yes, I know that's an obsession. When not behind the camera I am a lover of traveling and camping. I am a Libra and left-handed. I have a super sweet story about where my nickname came from. Okay, so when I was a baby my big brother couldn't say Kristina, all he could say was Tin Tin and then it just got shortened to Tin, which stuck and that's what I love being called. When people call me Kristina I feel like I'm back in school and in trouble.  

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Get to know the story of Tins Photography

Tin's Business Journey

For me it all started with my parents. They have always owned their own businesses and growing up I just loved the fact I could go to work with them. Learning all the little things in life through my parents was super cool. From their example I have always wanted to start my own business and never in my life, I imagined that it would be a photography business. They always say do what you love because you will never have to work a day in your life! I am living this dream.    
Why Tins Photography?  Well Tins Photography comes from my nickname Tin as you may already know. I want to express and show you that there is a real person behind the name Tin. 

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In The Moment


The Experience

What to expect

Photography is a personal adventure. I will never take for granted that I get the honour to photograph your special day! I believe in personally connecting with all clients so they feel comfortable and cared for, capturing the authentic beauty of your special day.


5. sneak peak

Let's reminisce about your special day once more! I understand your excitement, so I'll promptly send you 10 - 15 teaser photos a few days after your wedding.

The Process

How it works 

4. the big day

It's your wedding day, relax, enjoy yourselves and most importantly have a great time.

2. Lock it in

Yay! We'll confirm your deposit and finalize the paperwork to secure your booking. You'll also receive a questionnaire to help me organize the next steps.

A free consultation for you to get a feel for what it'll be like working together. During this meeting, we'll delve into your aspirations and ideas, exploring ways to bring them to life.


1. Get in touch 

3. planning

We'll stay connected throughout your wedding preparations, from selecting shoot locations to refining your schedule. Feel free to reach out via email anytime—I'm here to help!

6. lock it in

Yay! We'll confirm your deposit and finalize the paperwork to secure your booking. You'll also receive a questionnaire to help me organize the next steps.

7. you got mail

Get comfortable and prepare a cup of tea because it's time for the grand reveal! Head online to access your slideshow and gallery.

8. order your framed print

Your Online Gallery has a built in Print Store, so you can order your Framed Print and albums directly to your door-step from the comfort of your Gallery!

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